Prepare for the Telecosm!

Technological change is a driving force in business today. The challenge is to predict how technology will impact learning in organizations. At the Strategic HR Group we believe that the answer lies in understanding the profound impact of "Infinite Bandwidth" which futurist George Gilder described in his book "Telecosm".

Gilder clearly articulates how the end of bandwidth limitations will create fundamentally different relationships between participants in the networked world.

Question - How will your organization prepare for this new reality?

Answer - rethink your learning strategy!

The approach to learning with which we are so familiar through our educational institutions, personal and business lives is rooted in a historical model that primarily springs from geographical limitations. With only limited means to communicate over great distances, with multiple experts, in realtime - the practical solution has been to gather groups of learners in the physical presence of one or more experts for focused but finite periods of learning. Clearly this is not the ideal learning environment, but rather an expediant solution.

What if we could capitalize on unlimited bandwidth to design a new learning environment?

We will conceive of providing learners with access to the best and brightest minds regardless of those experts' geographical location. We will make it possible to participate with the same intensity and value regardless of the learner's location. We will respond to the learner's time and priorities so that learning and doing become truly integrated experiences.

Contact us today and take the first step to a building your strategy for the Telecosm!