Leadership Learning is Critical!


Effective leadership skills are not simply a senior management requirement. Leadership must emerge everywhere individuals are responsible for achieving results and ensuring the success of others.

The Strategic Human Resources Group assists organizations to develop enterprise wide communication and learning resources to foster growth in leadership skills.

Effective leaders have two primary functions in an organization:

  • They cause things to happen, and
  • They create and sustain an atmosphere within which others can become personally and professionally successful.†

Growth in productivity and profitability occur when the environment created and sustained by senior management is one that reflects the basic philosophy of belief in the individual.

Implementing a learning strategy maximizes the individual's ability to contribute to organizational objectives. Leaders must cultivate the systems and support required for success within their organization. Commitment to continuous learning and the development of a leadership skill set that nurtures, controls, challenges and stretches individuals, will foster growth. Strategic Human Resources Group uses a garden model to illustrate these leadership processes.

Tending the Garden of Leadership

† William W. Arnold and Jeanne M. Plas, The Human Touch (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1993)