Effective Learning On Line

The core of a learning strategy that incorporates technology is on-line training. Learners can develop their skills, knowledge and understanding at any time and from any location with network access. Typically this involves taking an on-line course enriched with multimedia.

Using the power of web technology, on-line courses are an extremely effective way to:

  • introduce the basics of theory, context and practice.
  • teach the who, what, where, when, why and how of a job task or responsibility.
  • develop the skill to recognize opportunities for implementing learned solutions
  • focus on developing both capabilities and understanding.

The learner maintains control of how rapidly they move through the material. Interactive links to related resources are integrated directly with each learning module providing multiple pathways through the content. Most importantly, the learner is able to interconnect concepts and develop a holistic understanding of relationships and dependencies. Inevitably they are more engaged and develop a deeper understanding in less time.